Campaign Justice for Mohamed

Demons­tra­ti­on from the Cam­pai­gn Jus­ti­ce for Moha­med on 15th August 2020


Many of you have pro­bab­ly heard, that Moha­med Idris­si was shot by poli­ce offi­cers in Grö­pe­lin­gen on 18th June. Many of you pro­bab­ly know, that we have foun­ded the cam­pai­gn „Jus­ti­ce for Moha­med“ to indict the mur­der of Moha­med Idris­si. We are a coali­ti­on of dif­fe­rent civil socie­ty and anti-racist groups and rela­ti­ves of Moha­med Idris­si.

But may­be you don‘t know exact­ly why we star­tet this cam­pai­gn. So we want to exp­lain today, why we insist on unvei­ling the truth about what hap­pend on 18th June in Gröpelingen. And: We want to pro­mo­te to join the cam­pai­gn.

Thus, I will ans­wer two ques­ti­ons today: Why do we speak of jus­ti­ce? And: Why are you our addres­sees?

As cam­pai­gn „Jus­ti­ce for Moha­med“ we have set two basic aims: First­ly, we want jus­ti­ce. Second­ly, we want to ensu­re, that some­thing like this will not hap­pen again – that never­mo­re a per­son is being mur­de­red by the poli­ce.

And both – mea­ning jus­ti­ce and „never again!“ – are con­nec­ted direct­ly. Becau­se we won‘t achie­ve jus­ti­ce if we can‘t elu­ci­da­te, how the fatal shots by the poli­ce hap­pend. We won‘t achie­ve jus­ti­ce if we don‘t unveil the truth, if we don‘t rai­se awa­reness about what exact­ly the pro­blem is con­sti­tu­ted of.

To anti­ci­pa­te it: The pro­blem is not only, that four poli­ce offi­cers cor­ne­red Moha­med in his backy­ard, that the situa­ti­on com­plet­ly esca­la­ted and that they shot him in the end. The mista­ke lies – as so often – in sta­tist struc­tures and socie­tal mecha­nisms, that initi­al­ly made this homic­i­de pos­si­ble. As a result, many peop­le are in deni­al of this vio­lent struc­tures and their con­se­quen­ces. Mohamed‘s death steps in a tra­gi­cal row of more than 160 migrants, Peop­le of Color and Black peop­le brought to death in some way or other by ger­man poli­ce sin­ce 1990. Only expres­sing this truth publi­cal­ly and elu­ci­da­ting this mur­der, can guran­tee some­thing like this to not hap­pen again. Only by doing so, we can achie­ve jus­ti­ce.

When spea­king about „mur­der“, we don‘t mean simp­le „reven­ge“, of cour­se. We know: Neit­her the – unli­kely – pos­si­bi­li­ty of con­vic­ting the poli­ce offi­cers being respon­si­ble for Mohamed‘s death, nor their take over of respon­si­bi­li­ty that until today didn‘t hap­pen any­whe­re, will bring Moha­med back into life.

But we also now: It‘s the power rela­ti­ons­hip in our socie­ty in which a life like Mohamed‘s isn‘t valued equal­ly than other peo­p­les‘ lifes. Power rela­ti­ons­hips reve­aling, that human digni­ty of some peop­le isn‘t regar­ded equal­ly, com­pa­red to digni­ty of others.

We want to make the­se con­di­ti­ons visi­ble and point out on them – we impeach this vio­lent con­di­ti­ons!

Moha­med migra­ted to Bre­men many years ago, he was unem­ploy­ed, he lived in a „poor“ neigh­bour­hood, he wasn‘t young any more and he was mental­ly ill. Most likely, some of the­se fac­tors app­ly for many of the 160 humans being kil­led by poli­ce wit­hin the last 30 years.

We live in a socie­ty in which many peop­le face discri­mi­na­ti­on in various ways. Dai­ly racism and insti­tu­tio­na­li­zed racism is one of them. Many peop­le are thrus­ted on the mar­gins of socie­ty and are

for­ced to live under bad unde­ser­ving con­di­ti­ons. That‘s how pro­blems are crea­ted, that‘s how exis­ting pro­blems are exa­cer­ba­ted.

Many peop­le neit­her have the pos­si­bi­li­tes, nor the pri­vi­le­ge, of tho­se being coun­ted to white majo­ri­ty socie­ty. Many mar­gi­na­li­zed, so to say peop­le „on the mar­gins“, are put in a spe­cial dan­ger – be it through vio­lent nor­ma­li­ty, be it their lifes are regar­ded less value­ab­le, or be it, that they beco­me a tar­get of poli­ce bru­ta­li­ty or even fatal shots by the poli­ce. And often enough even after their deaths, their lifes are not being seen equal­ly, their kil­lings are regar­ded as „unim­portant“ or they are even buried in obli­vi­on.

But we don‘t want to and we won‘t for­get com­pa­red to the majo­ri­ty in this coun­try. We want, that every sin­gle per­son can live in free­dom and digni­ty with the same rights in this socie­ty – that‘s the ori­gin of our cam­pai­gn. „Jus­ti­ce for Moha­med!“

Now con­cer­ning the second ques­ti­on: Why are you our addres­sees, why do we approach you?

You are our addres­sees becau­se in our opi­ni­on neit­her the sta­te nor public insti­tu­ti­ons are our main coun­ter­parts, as the main task of public insti­tu­ti­ons is „pro­tec­ting“ the exis­ting order.

Sta­ti­al struc­tures like par­lia­ments, poli­ces, jus­ti­ce, admi­nis­tra­ti­on – they all aim to main­tain the descri­bed vio­lent power rela­ti­ons­hips. To main­tain them with all the discri­mi­na­ti­on, dre­pri­va­ti­on of rights and opp­res­si­on, inclu­ding bru­tal poli­ce vio­lence – ulti­ma­ted­ly at all cos­ts.

The­re­fo­re, tho­se peop­le having a free and libe­ral con­scious­ness and advo­ca­ting for digni­ty of all humans are the focus group of our cam­pai­gn. Ther­eby, we main­ly refer to tho­se who are – for dif­fe­rent rea­sons – thrus­ted to the mar­gins of socie­ty or are threa­tend to get so. We refer to tho­se who are threa­tend by vio­lent con­di­ti­ons, to tho­se who suf­fer most from con­se­quen­ces of discri­mi­na­ti­on and struc­tu­ral vio­lence. Becau­se tho­se are, we are, the ones having good rea­sons to oppo­se all forms of injus­ti­ce – becau­se they, as we, can only pro­fit from chan­ging socie­ty.

And of cour­se, we refer to the ones from majo­ri­ty socie­ty being awa­re of their unju­s­ti­fied pri­vi­le­ges. The ones kowing that „free­dom“ can only mean free­dom of all. The ones knowing that defen­ding this free­dom means figh­t­ing for free­dom of all peop­le.

That‘s why our cam­pai­gn invi­tes ever­y­bo­dy, meai­ning liber­al­ly thin­king peop­le and espe­cial­ly the ones being affec­ted by discri­mi­na­ti­on and opp­res­si­on, to not be con­tent with less than the truth. We invi­te you to strugg­le for jus­ti­ce, free­dom and equal rights. Becau­se the­se are the most important ele­ments of socie­ty – they are not being dona­ted to us, but we have to con­t­end suc­cess­ful­ly for them in a long pro­cess tog­e­ther.

The cam­pai­gn Jus­ti­ce for Moha­med Idris­si is part of this fight. That‘s why your place is not on the side of tho­se „pro­tec­ting“ and admi­nis­tra­ting the exis­ting vio­lent con­di­ti­ons.

Your place is here with us!
Becau­se they can break one fin­ger – but they can‘t break a fist!